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Hello, web wanderer! My name is Jesse Weinstein. Welcome to my little space on the web; feel free to look around.

The PURL for this page is: Please use it instead of the address in the address bar.

For an odd little cartoon I found, see the Battlestar Galapagos page.

For a collection of notes I've made on the Java language, see my Java Notes page.

For access to my various Python programs, see my Python Efforts page.

Z shell bits I've written are on Zee zsh zings page.

For the curious, you can find out more about me through the Who Am I? page.

I have a page of political fliers I and friends have created. Feel free to look them over, and use them if you desire.

I wrote an altered (improved, I hope) version of the Prayer of St. Francis, after I was asked to join in reciting it as part of a ceremony.

I also have a page of links to various interesting things.

I have other accounts at the following sites:

I wrote a few notes on the Honey Pot Project vs Does anti-spam lawsuit.

I wrote a few notes on a lawsuit attempting to reverse a expansion of the no-speech zones outside LA County Superior courthouses.

I wrote an analysis of the required distribution of source code in versions 2 and 3 of the GPL as a comment on, and decided to publish it here, too.


It's a redirection to a mailto link: this is my address.


Microsoft Works database format parser (.wdb parser) up here now.
Added the Battlestar Galapagos page.
I've finally made another change to this website. I've added some Python programs I've been meaning to post here. A tiny one-liner, num2ordinal I wrote a long while ago, and Short Form, a way to keep the python shell from printing out big piles of text. I'll try and get more up, I promise.
BTW, I had to contact netwood, my hosting provider, to get re-enable my access to this web space. It had somehow gotten lost when they switched over a machine. Shows how often I've updated. ;-) Nevertheless, netwood is a good provider- they're local, and provide good solid service for ~$20/month.
Hah. It turned out I hadn't goten around to listing most of my Python Efforts on the Vaults of Parnassus. I've fixed this error. Maybe someone will actually send me some mail about them now...
I created a new page of political fliers. I also updated my Who Am I? and links pages.
I added a new link to Troubleshooters.Com to the links page.
I have finally made an update to this website. Check the Links page for some new links.
I just added a new Python program, Checklist Display, to my Python page. Try it out!

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