Notes on the Project Honey Pot v. Does case

For background on the case, see Project Honey Pot's page. (The complaint, which is worth reading, is available there.)

According to PACER, as of June 16, 2007, the Judge is Claude M. Hilton with Thomas Rawles Jones, Jr acting as "referral". The most recent filing was May 2, 2007. The docket number is: 1:07-cv-00419-CMH-TRJ

A motion for discovery (PDF), i.e. to find out who the spammers are, was filed the same day the case was filled, April 26, 2007; it was received May 1, 2007. A memo supporting the motion (PDF) was also filed. There was a scheduled hearing for that motion on May 4, 2007 at 10:00 AM, but the motion was granted (PDF) the day before, by a Judge Liam O'Grady (who the motion was transfered to) so I presume the hearing didn't actually happen.

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