Scenes in "The Westing Game"

"The Westing Game" was written by Ellen Raskin in 1978; ISBN 014034991X .


location, time, (description of scene)
Characters present and speaking


Chapter 1

Sunset Towers, first scene, (Barney Northrup showing the Wexlers around it)
Grace, Jake, Barney
Sunset Towers, later that afternoon, (showing Sydelle Pulaski around)
Sydelle, Barney

Chapter 2

Sunset Towers driveway, afternoon in October (the story)
Sandy, Turtle, Doug, Theo, Otis
Front window of apt. 2D, same time

Chapter 3

In apt. 3D, a few minutes later (Angela's fitting)
Angela, Flora, Grace
Jake Wexler's office, same time (cutting Crow's corn)
Jake, Crow
Hoo's restaurant & Hoo's apt, same time (Doug tells Mr. Hoo about the smoke)
Mr. Hoo, Doug, Mrs. Hoo
Sunset Towers driveway, maybe same time, maybe an hour later (Judge Ford arrives)
Sandy, Ford
Theodorakis apt, some time later that day (Chris tries to mention the limp)
Chris, Theo
Sydelle's apt (and getting there), (crutches to paint)

Chapter 4

Cliff in front of the Westing house, that night
Turtle, Doug
Turtle's room, later that night, and early the next morning
Door of Wexler's appt (Otis delivers the letter); slightly after noon
Otis, various heirs

Chapter 5

Westing house, the next afternoon
all the heirs

Chapter 6

Westing house library, directly following (reading the will)
all the heirs

Chapter 7

Westing house game room, directly following (partnering up, receiving clues)
all the heirs

Chapter 8

Various apt. doors in Sunset Towers; early next morning
a tenant, Turtle
Some apt.
Angela, Sydelle, a tenant
Apt 3D, Theodorakis's apt
Angela, Sydelle, Chris
Unclear, probably Flora's apt
Turtle, Flora
Hoo's restaurant
Grace, Mr. Hoo, (Mrs. Hoo in background)
Theodorakis's coffee shop
Doug, Theo
Ford's apt
Ford, (newspaper man by phone)
Angela's room, moving to Sydell's apt (shorthand notes stolen)
Angela, Sydell

Chapter 9

Elevator in ST, begins early morning of next day, ends later afternoon
no direct dialog
Wexler's apt, 7:30 PM
(Flashback to Elevator : Turtle, Flora)
Turtle's room, a few minutes later
Turtle, Grace (Angela later, Sydelle after that)
Ford's apt, just before 8 PM
Ford, Theo, (newspaper man on phone), Mr. Hoo

Chapter 10

Ford's apt (the long party), 8 PM, and a while
Grace, Jake Wexler, Ford, Mr. Hoo, Angela, Mrs. Hoo, Sydelle, Theo
Same location, later
Ford, Mr. & Mrs. Theodorakis (George & Catherine), Mr. Hoo, Theo, Doug, Crow, Flora, Turtle

Chapter 11

Turtle's room to Flora Baumbauch's apt, next day, few minutes before 10 AM
Turtle, Flora
Elevator, 10 AM
Theo, Chris
Coffee shop, few minutes later
Theo, Chris, Mr. + Mrs. Theodorakis, Grace, Mr. Hoo, Sydelle, Angela, Doug, Ford, Flora

Chapter 12

Coffee shop ( + Kitchen), little while later
Theo, Chris, Mr. + Mrs. Theodorakis, Mr. Hoo, Sydelle, Angela, Doug, Ford, Flora
Sydelle's apt, a few hours later
Sydelle, Angela, Turtle
Ford's apt, around the same time
Ford, newspaper man (on phone) ; Otis Amber (on phone)

Chapter 13

Kitchen of Shin Hoo's, later that day
Angela (the bomber)
Elevator, later
Shin Hoo's, a minute later
Grace, Mr. Hoo, Madame Hoo, Doug
Shin Hoo's, later that evening
Grace , Mr. + Mrs. Hoo, Doug, Chris, Sydelle, Theo, Ford, Flora, Turtle, Jake Wexler, Otis Amber
Shin Hoo's, later (when the bomb went off)
above, plus ambulence attendents, policeman, fire inspector

Chapter 14

Parking lot, next day, morning
Angela, Flora, Turtle
Broker's office, little later
Flora, Turtle
Ford's apt, later that day
Sandy, Ford
Shin Hoo's to hallway outside Wexler's apt, about the same time
Grace, Mr. Hoo, Otis Amber, Crow
Various places in Sunset Towers, later
Otis, various tenents, Denton Deere
Theodorakis apt, about the same time
Denton Deere, Chris
Lobby, bit later
Angela, Theo, Denton, Sandy
Hospital, later
Angela, Denton, psychiatrist, Sydelle

Chapter 15

Flora's car, next day, Friday, afternoon
Turtle, Flora
Sunset Towers driveway, sunset
Doug, Turtle, Sandy, Theo, Otis
Wexler's appt to Shin Hoo's, little later
Jake, Mr. Hoo, Grace,
Ford's apt, dinner time
Ford, Sandy, Theo

Chapter 16

Wexler's apt, next day, Angela's party
Grace, Angela, Turtle, Mrs. Hoo, various of Grace's friends (including Cookie Barfspringer)
Sunset Towers lobby, soon after
police captain, Ford, Mr. Hoo, Otis Amber, Flora Baumbach, Sandy, Jake Wexler, Chris Theodorakis, Theo Theodorakis, Doug, Turtle, Crow, Grace Wexler
Hospital, later
Jake, Grace, Angela, Turtle, Sydelle

Chapter 17

(Various locations in Sunset Towers, at the stock market, etc. -- not really scenes)

Mr. Hoo's restaurant, Tuesday (2 days later), lunch time
Jake, Mr. Hoo, Mrs. Hoo, Grace
Ford's appt, about the same time
Sandy, Ford
Theodorakis's appt ... to Crow's appt, past midnight Tuesday night
Theo, Chris (mostly asleep), Crow

Chapter 18

Flora Baumbauch's appt (probably), next morning (probably)
Flora, Turtle
Ford's appt, about the same time
On the way to school, about the same time
Theo, Doug
At the stock market, later
In front of Sunset Towers, around town, back to Sunset Towers
Doug, Otis Amber, Sandy (last part)
Ford's apt, later that day
Sandy, Ford
Hospital, sometime that day
Sydelle, Angela, plastic surgeon, Denton Deere, Turtle, nurses assistant, Ed Plum, Grace
Theodorakis appt ... out of ST, later (references to earlier visits, not actual scenes)
Chris, Denton Deere

Chapter 19

(At the stock market and at Turtle's school)

Wexler's apt, next day, Thursday, sometime
Crow, Otis Amber
Ford's appt, sometime that day
Ford, Sandy
Mr. Hoo's restraunt, later
Mr. Hoo, Jake, Grace, Crow, Mrs. Hoo,
Hospital, sometime that day (the letter from Crow, I think)
Sydelle, Angela, Chris
Ford's apt, sometime that day (finding out the mistaken one)
Ford, Sandy

Chapter 20

At the stock market, 2 PM, Friday
Flora, Turtle
(Following Otis; shopping center, ST, rooming house)
Doug, Otis
Hospital (ER, not a room); later that day
bomb squad detective, Theo
Ford's appt; later that day
Mr. Theodorakis, Ford, Sandy

Chapter 21

Flora's appt (2C)
Flora, Turtle, Theo
Skid Row (the Soup kitchen); following previous scene
Theo, Crow, Otis Amber
Ford's appt; later that day
Ford, Sandy
Lobby (4th bomb); slightly later
Third-floor elevator lobby (4th bomb, 2nd part); right afterward
Turtle, Grace, Flora
Ford's appt; soon after
bomb squad, Turtle, Ford
Hallway; immediately following (the last candle sale)
Turtle, Sandy
Sydelle's appt; later
Sydelle, Angela, Denton (outside the door)

Chapter 22

Elevator; next morning, Saturday
Mr. Hoo, Mrs. Hoo (maybe elsewhere)
Hallway into the elevator into Wexler's appt, later that morning
Jake Wexler, Grace Wexler, (with Turtle, Baba, then with Angela, Sydelle)
Ford's appt; about the same time
Ford, Denton Deere, Chris Theodorakis
Sandy's Dentist's office
dentist, Turtle
Doug's Track meet; afternoon, bit in the evening
Doug, Mr. Hoo, Mrs. Hoo
Ford's appt; after the track meet
Sandy, Chris, Ford
Street in front of the Westing House; early evening
Otis Amber, Crow

Chapter 23

Westing House game room, Saturday evening (the critical chapter -- lots of ends tied up, lots of references to other bits)
Plum, Flora, Turtle, Angela, Sydelle, Sandy, Denton, Chris, Theo, Ford, Otis, Crow, Doug, Mr. Hoo, Mrs. Hoo, Jake, Grace

Chapter 24

Westing House library, directly after last scene
same characters, (later Dr. Sikes, sheriff)

Chapter 25

Judge Ford's living room, a little while later
Flora, Turtle, Angela, Sydelle, Denton, Chris, Theo, Ford, Otis, Doug, Mr. Hoo, Mrs. Hoo, Jake, Grace

Chapter 26

Same setting, same time (the "trial")
same characters (Crow & Plum enter right at the very end)

Chapter 27

Same setting, same time,
same characters
The road near Sunset Towers, next morning
Turtle, "Sandy"

Chapter 28

Shin Hoo's restaurant, next day (or maybe a day or two later) (Crow & Otis's marriage)
Crow, Otis, Grace, Mr. Hoo, Jake, Angela, Flora, Turtle, Sydelle, other heirs, derelicts from the soup kitchen
Judge Ford's apt (moving out); some days/weeks later
Ford, Chris
Hoo's apt (presumably), some months later
Mr. Hoo, Mrs. Hoo

(Various other expositionary scenes)

Chapter 29

Hoo's new house, some years later (Doug's Olympic party)
(Otis, Crow, Mr. Hoo, Doug, Theo), (Jake, Mrs. Hoo), (Angela, Denton, Sydelle & fiance (Conrad Shultz)), (Ford, Chris & friend (Shirley Staver), (Grace, Theo), other people present but not speaking

Chapter 30

"Sandy"'s bedside
:"Sandy", Turtle
Funeral into Turtle's mansion for the last line of the book
Turtle (spoken to Angela's daughter, Alice)

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