Books and Publications Edited

      A. Books and Exhibition Catalogs:

  • SEER-DFM, Galorath Incorporated, Los Angeles, 1999.   The software manual for Galorath's design for manufacturability software model.
  • SEER-H, Galorath Incorporated, Los Angeles, 1998. The software manual for Galorath's  hardware project management software model.
  • SEER-SEM, Galorath Incorporated, Los Angeles, 1998.The software manual for Galorath's software project management software model.
  • Arthur C. Danto, After the End of Art: Contemporary Art and the Pale of History (Princeton University Press, 1996).  (On a little too tight turn-around while I was also managing an art gallery.)
  • Robert Smithson (Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, 1995).
  • Charles Ross, The Custom of the Castle: Social Confrontation from Arthurian Romance to Shakespeare's Plays (University of California Press, 1996)
  • Steven Horst, Symbols, Computation, and Intentionality: A Critique of the Computational Theory of Mind (University of California Press, 1995)
  • Social Engagements: Observations and Personal Narratives (Los Angeles: Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, 1995).
  • Arthur C. Danto, Playing with the Edge: The Photographic Achievement of Robert Mapplethorpe (University of California Press, 1994)
  • Ermanno Bencivenga, My Kantian Ways (University of California Press, 1995)
  • Andrew Feenberg, Alternative Modernity: The Technical Turn in Philosophy and Social Theory (University of California Press, 1995)
  • Gary Shapiro, Earthwards: Robert Smithson and Art after Babel (University of California Press, 1995)
  • Ellen Herman, The Romance of American Psychology: How Mental and Behavioral Experts Transformed American Society, 1940-1970 (University of California Press, 1995)
  • William U. Eiland, ed., The Craft of Art: Originality and Industry in the Italian Renaissance and Baroque Workshop (The University of Georgia Press, 1994)
  • Bruce Mills, Cultural Reformation: Lydia Maria Child and the Literature of Reform (The University of Georgia Press, 1994)
  • Alphonso Lingis, Abuses (University of California Press, 1994)
  • Richard Candida Smith, Utopia and Dissent in California: From Bohemia to Counterculture (University of California Press, 1994); California artists and poets from 1945 to 1975
  • Verna R. Johnston, California Forests and Woodlands (University of California Press, 1994)
  • Mark U. Edwards, Jr., Printing, Propaganda, and Martin Luther (University of California Press, 1994)
  • N. Frank Ukadike, Black African Cinema (University of California Press, 1994)
  • Gavriel Moses, The Nickel Was for the Movies: Film in the Novel, Pirandello to Puig (University of California Press, 1994)
  • William Hawkeswood, One of the Children: An Ethnography of Identity and Gay Black Men (University of California Press, 1994)
  • David Rothenberg, Hand's End: Technology and the Limits of Nature (University of California Press, 1993)
  • Being There/Being Here: Nine Perspectives in New Italian Art (Italian Culture Heritage Foundation and Otis/Parsons Art Institute Gallery, 1991)
  • Third Newport Biennial: Mapping Histories (Newport Harbor Art Museum, 1991)
  • L.A. Iluminado: Eight Los Angeles Photographers (Otis/Parsons Art Institute Gallery, 1991)
  • Typologies: Nine Contemporary Photographers (Newport Harbor Art Museum and Rizzoli, 1991)
  • Charles Ray (Newport Harbor Art Museum, 1990)
  • Visual Poetry (Otis/Parsons Art Institute Gallery, 1990)
  • Tony Cragg: Sculpture 1975-1990 (Newport Harbor Art Museum and Thames & Hudson, 1990)
  • OBJECTives: The New Sculpture (Newport Harbor Art Museum and Rizzoli, 1990)
  • Sadakichi Hartmann: Critical Modernist (University of California Press, 1990)
  • 40 Years of California Assemblage (Wight Art Gallery, University of California, Los Angeles, 1989)
  • Gunther Forg (Newport Harbor Art Museum, 1989). I edited the German bibliography for this book only.
  • The Figurative Fifties: New York Figurative Expressionism (Newport Harbor Art Museum and Rizzoli, 1988)
  • Chris Burden: A Twenty-Year Survey (Newport Harbor Art Museum, 1988)
  • CalArts: Skeptical Beliefs (The Renaissance Society at the University of Chicago and Newport Harbor Art Museum, 1988)

B. Short Monographs and Newsletters: Calendar (bimonthly newsletter of the Newport Harbor Art Museum). Nick Vaughn, Marc Pally, The Figurative Fifties (I wrote the text for this exhibition brochure), Robert Millar: New California Artist XVIII, Kim Yasuda: New California Artist XIX, Sarah Seager: New California Artist XX, Barbara Benish: Encuentro, Guillermo Kuitca. Exhibition brochures, invitations, and gallery graphics.

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