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While I was managing FIG Gallery and its Web site, I built a comprehensive listing of Southern California art and artists links, which I duplicated on my own site. But things change quickly.  So, it is not thoroughness that characterizes this page, but longevity.

For individual artists I highly recommend Artquest as a database of independent artists' work. It is the largest I have seen, and the cost of posting your images in the database is very, very reasonable.


Other Gallery and Art Sites

World Wide Art Resources Artscene

  • Artscene: Artscene is by far and away Southern California's most comprehensive art guide. I highly recommend that art galleries list in both the printed guide and Artscene's comprehensive Web site. Although Artscene does not list individual artists, it includes intelligent reviews of shows in its guide.
  • W3Art Jon Peterson's extensive site of L.A. artists.
  • World Wide Arts Resources This site run by the Metropolitan Museum of art bills itself as "the comprehensive arts registry on the WWW." And it is large.
  • The Incredible Art Department By far the most inspiring and comprehensive art education spot on the Internet.
  • Siris The Smithsonian Institution Research Information Service Search Engine.
  • Internet for the Fine Arts A comprehensive network of artists, galleries, museums, organizations, and resources relating to the fine arts.
  • Kara Art Servers in Switzerland is a comprehensive Swiss art resource.
  • Center on Contemporary Art (Seattle)
  • National Endowment for the Arts (Washington, D.C.)
  • Net-Art (Italy)

Art Magazines and Newspapers

  • Globe A sophistiticated online art magazine from Monash University in Australia. While the U.S. depends on a marketplace of wealthy buyers to support its art culture, Australia devotes public moneys to what it takes to be the public experience of art (which the average citizen cannot buy). And it even supports serious art magazines and criticism that would otherwise have to be supported by advertising and a few gallery moguls and auction houses in New York.
  • ArtScene Largest exhibition listing resource for Southern California, plus reviews; many Southern California galleries have Web sites under Artscene's umbrella. Artscene has been one of the mainstays of art in Southern California for many years in a dispersed city where artists and art viewers might otherwise not have known what the rest were up to.
  • Oversight
  • Coagula Art Journal Art criticism mostly of Los Angeles and New York. Not afraid to offend the art world when necessary.

Individual Artists

Remember, these are artists I have selected, or whom I know. I am no longer listing any and all artists who simply request a link.

  • Life as a Poet  Richard McDowell's Myspace.
  • Ken Mora Ken is both an artist and a graphic designer who was instrumental in helping build the FIG Gallery site.
  • Charles Sherman  In addition to being a fine sculptor, Charles Sherman also happens to be an expert art appraiser.

Books I Recommend

Richard Shusterman. Pragmatist Aesthetics (Rowman & Littlefield Publishing; ISBN: 0847697657).  The blurbs:  "Shusterman establishes a theory of aesthetics ...liberated from the traditional dualisms and capable of reconciling art and the political." -- Pierre Bourdieu, College de France. "A work that no one interested in the philosophy of art ...can afford to ignore ...clear, eloquent, fair, and urgent." -- Arthur Danto, Columbia University.  I'll try to get around to writing something about Shusterman's latest book, which I am currently reading, Surface and Depth: Dialectics of Criticism and Culture (Cornell University Press; ISBN: 0801486831).

Robert D. Romanyshyn. Technology as Symptom and Dream. New York and London: Routledge, 1989. An excellent treatment of the larger cultural and social issues involved in the invention of Renaissance perspective (as well as the resistance to it in modern art). Southern California artist Dan Fisher turned me on to this one.

My Own Art Reviews

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