• Image Windows

  • Rollover Menus 1

  • Data Transfer between Pages

  • Form Validation 1 - Some amusing (hopefully) validations done as demos for the Netwood Design center a few years back.

  • Form Validation 2 - A real script that a web designer asked me to develop without offering to pay (alas, the web); but I did it for the practice.  Funny how some people say "I owe you one," then never offer you a return favor.

  • JavaScript Roman Numeral Year Converter - Why get caught baffled when you have to convert?

  • Rollover Menus 2 - A distant relative in Sweden asked for a version in which the menu item stayed on until another menu item is selected. The menu is contained in a left frame.

  • Amsler Grid - A grandiose DHTML (dynamic HTML) experiment in trying to write a eye test application in Javascript that probably should have been written as a Java applet.  The idea is that the user should be able to look at the grid and track the size of any sort of astigmatism that their doctor has diagnosed and then send the information back.  Grandiose.  It seems to work better in Netscape Navigator than in Internet Explorer, which keeps wanting to reload the dot pictures when it resizes them.  The code underneath is still a bit raw, since the project was discontinued.

VBScript (Windows Scripting Host)

  • Excel File Lister written as a VBS Windows Scripting Host script.  Lists all files in a directory in an Excel workbook, including their file attributes.

  • Excel Web Directory Lister - a version of the File Lister that allows you to display all files in a backup web directory as links to the web site.  It drills down into all subdirectories.  This is useful for going to each and every page or image of a site and annotating what needs to be done to the pages.  I was hoping that various departments at work would use it as a means of reviewing their pages, but first thing you have to do, I think, is get people to "own" their portion of the site so that they feel responsible for maintaining its content.  In other words, the application is in mothballs.

Document Management System (ASP and Access VBA)

File management on the cheap for a small company - the one I work for.

mSQL web database programming

Removed all code example files, since it has been close to five years since I used the program and I haven't had any response in that time from the web.  No doubt the program has changed a lot in the meanwhile.  However, it is still produced by Hughes Technologies of Australia and is probably as good as ever, and much cheaper than Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle.  My examples were of useful functionality in mSQL's "Lite" C-style scripting language.

Excel Source Lines of Code Counter

Counts lines of code in selected C, C++ and H files or code directories and places the individual and total count in an Excel workbook.


When Forehelp went out of business, I began writing help systems in Robohelp, which has always been the dominant help authoring software anyway.

InstallShield Professional and InstallShield Developer (MSI)

I have been updating old InstallShield installers to Microsoft's new MSI (Microsoft Installer) database installer technology for Windows 2000 and XP, which allows more fine-grained control of software installation and application tracking.  If you have ever seen that "Modify, Repair, Remove" dialog, that is MSI.

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